Dear You,

tell me what it is you see, and I will tell you about a dream
tell me what is it you hear, and I will teach you how to sing
tell me what it is you want, and I will walk you along the way
tell me what it is you have, and i will help you give it all away
tell me what it is you crave, and I will hide it from your sight
tell me what it is you dream, when you close you eyes at night
all these things you tell me, they mean nothing to me at all
i am only here because of you, you have to take control
I am nothing more than space, I exist only to refine
It’s me…..I am your imagination, and I am beginning to lose my mind
You have to give me something, you have to take a chance
because I wont be here forever, I have to take a stance
Wake up
Open up
Give up
or Live up
I think the battle I have with myself sometimes becomes overly extensive. And I wonder what part of me it is that I am battling. So I had this thought when I sat down to write this. I thought maybe my imagination is trying to speak to me. He has a lot to say, and sometimes I have a hard time picking up on his subtle hints. I constantly battle with these spaces that exist in between, and that’s where these words came from.The perspective of our imaginations’ giving us feedback. The determination and push from a first person view. I wrote myself a letter…….from myself. And hoped that maybe I’d be more willing to give into my own inner thoughts. We will see where that takes me.

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