New Year….

My New Years Resolution:

I’ll spend the new year appreciating the life I have created, instead of letting outsiders make me doubt my choices. I’ll continue to chase my dreams, no matter the amount of birthdays I celebrate.  I will keep the ones with truth and magic  in their eyes close, and hope the others begin to open theirs. I will create. I will let my imagination take me to beautiful places, and I will enjoy them with people who truly see the world for what it is….Vast magical opportunity.


I have one story. One timeline, from beginning to end. I have one plot, and vast amounts of characters I havent even been introduced to, and as many climaxes as I seek out. My story is mine, and only I can write it.


I think sometimes along the way, I let co-writers in who try to rearrange my story to make it more logical. But in all honesty I have never been one to enjoy a rational read. I much prefer the insanity of literature and dialogue.

This is a New Year. Everyone puts so much pressure on the beginning of a yearly cycle. Each one marks this significant time in everyone’s life to change things, to let go of past addictions, to seek better health, to try new things, to travel to new places. But why only once a year. We put everything on hold throughout the year, and when the end comes it’s just a reminder of the failed promises we didn’t keep to ourselves.


The one thing I can say with all best regard… that if you don’t do what it is that you say you will “One Day” ……the day will never come. Life is very short, frighteningly short. And no amount of money will matter in the end, no possession will define you like the magic in your eyes of the things you have seen and experienced.


This year I have met people who blow my mind away with the lives they lead. I have met people who travel the world hiking the most beautiful and off the grid climbs, and base-jump from the top. I have met people who sail the world, from one crew to the next, seeing the world from an aquatic perspective, seeing the world in a way I myself never have. I have met climbers from all over the globe traveling the world to find the best walls for them to overcome. I have met snowboarders that haven’t witnessed a summer in years, because their passion for the sport has them living years of never-ending winters chasing the snow seasons. I have met creatives, artists, wanderers. The world is full of these inspirational people who set out to do what others as scared to do, these people who find comfort on the road and not in routines, full of people who would rather create their own world than live in the ones their parents have created for them, or the worlds their educations have created for them. It is difficult to step outside that routine that people have created for us, but once outside it, it’s nearly impossible to return. Once you see what life can be like when you set your own rules, it becomes an undefined lifestyle.



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