Something Chemical.


I woke up one day, and I didn’t know who I was.

Not because I knew myself the prior day.

But because something had changed within.

Some part of me had transformed while I slept.

Something chemical.

Something perpetual.

Something enigmatic.

I only knew what was put forth for now.

The past absconded from my memories.

It was as if my doubts departed my mind, in midst of a mere dream.

I wish I had written it down.

The world I created behind those closed eye lids.

That way I could take you there.

It was here that I felt


I felt capable.

I felt dynamic.

I felt unfurled.

Not only had something changed within.

But something on the surface…..drove my skin to feel in a way it had never felt before.

A wave of electricity pulsated through my veins, and my blood ran fiery.

This new self-posession ….was magnetic.

It was a high I had never felt before.

I saw the world with utopian eyes.

I only knew this life to be linear from this point forward.

My presence was unmarred.

And the future….was beautifully trivial.

So I walked onward, into the unfamiliar.

With an open heart, and an naked mind.

I didn’t know who I was.

But it wasn’t really necessary.





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