When it Rains….I Smile and Write.




I wished for an adventure. I wished for a trip to the ocean.

It’s been raining for days.  I guess the ocean came to me. I keep the window open so that when I wake up I can still feel the rain falling as I lay there in the dark. Mornings like these make it difficult to get out of bed. Not that I do not want to join the rest of the world, it’s just that I was busy creating my own in the dark where I slept.

There is something solacing about the rain. The way it sounds as it hits the roof top. I walk out onto my balcony just to get a closer look at it. I lose many minutes just staring at the beads of rain pouring down the leaves that hang from my rooftop tree. I watch as puddles form, each drop hitting… making small trivial splashes. I can see the neighborhood from up here. No one is out. I feel alone, but in a subtle way. No sounds but the sound of the rain. No traffic, no chatter, no televisions, or cell phones. Just me, the rain, and a grey foreshadowing sky. I feel clean in the fresh air, I feel beautiful in the rain, I feel new. The rain has that power over me. It has that power over many. The way it cleanses everything around it. If you let it, it can be very healing.

The rain came to me at the perfect time, as it seems to do.

Life is transitional. Things change so quickly sometimes that we lose our past-selves. Not to say that we become different people, but we become something more. We let go of the things that did not serve us well, and we find new appreciation for the  grace, and amity in our lives. We can see more clearly the possibilities.

IMG_5614 IMG_3318 IMG_5271

I am watching the people around me with much more appreciation. I am watching people fall in love, I am watching hearts break, I am watching people lose faith in themselves and the ones around them, I am watching people find authentic friendships for the first time in their lives, I am watching people leave behind unauthentic friendships after years of illusion, I am watching people give up everything for once to finally follow their dreams, I am watching people try to be something they are not, I am watching people trust the one’s that may not be in their best interest, I am watching people trust the one’s that will never steer them wrong, I am watching people….watch people. I am watching people…..watching me. I am seeing……the beauty of the human experience.

We are all on different schedules, some colliding charmingly, and some missing one another entirely.

I sometimes find myself daydreaming about a infinite ballroom with a piano in the middle of it …and all the creatures of the world present ……right there…….. surrounding it. And as the piano begins to play, the whole world begins to create the perfect waltz around it, and I smile, and I watch…..and of course I begin to to dance as well. But truly I am just watching……watching the beauty that comes from that one truth that is within us all.

Community. We are in this together no matter what, no matter our differences, dislikes, likes, age, race, language, or loyalties. We are all here in the grand ballroom. It is quite transparent and an easy resolve of most of our contentions …..with just one realization.

And that is that we are all human. We makes mistakes, we create beauty, we cause destruction, we fuck up, we get back up, we hurt, we love, we say the wrong things, we inspire, we love, we hate, we are flawed. No one is perfect…..but we each deserve respect, and compassion and a chance at creating a truly authentic human experience.

Love the life you live, with every part of your being. And love the people that consume it, love what you do, what you create, and who you are. Be truthful, compassionate, and the best at whatever you do. And be happy for others, genuinely happy. Be happy for other’s success, and be understanding when they fall. Do not judge, do not conspire, let go of jealousy. Life is hard as it is, do not create opportunities to make it even more difficult. Be the change you want to see in others.

Live by example. Even when no one is watching.

IMG_5123 IMG_5646 IMG_5540 IMG_2726


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