Sometimes I get lost here

In my room

This is the only space I have ever really felt is mine

The world around me is so beautifully wander-some

And I find myself walking in circles

My feet ramble through oceans, and deserts, and mountains

But they always land here


It is the only place that is mine

That welcomes me with aged comfort

Here there are no expectations

Here the rain falls just for my ears

And the trees dance just for me

The sounds play with my imagination

And my mind is able to slip away

To another world

One that I created here

And the only way to get there

Is to walk through the doors

That lead me here

My dreams are dreams here

I remember them as if they were my other lives

I sleep the entire night through

And I never feel alone here

No matter where my feet my wander

I will always find them craving the texture

Of this awful, retro, hideous carpet

Because I found myself here

But I also get lost here

I hide here

From nothing really

From my doubt, possibly?

But soon this will no longer be my home anymore

And someone else will create a story here

And this space will take on a new meaning, to someone new

I only hope that they will see it as I do

And that the trees will dance for them

And the rain will fall just for their ears

And the moon shining through the windows at night

Will take them to new place

In their dreams

And that maybe they will find themselves

The way I did…..here

And I hope that they will call it



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