Dear Friend.

Dear Future Friend,

I have yet to meet you, yet I know when I do that you will make an everlasting impression on me. And that when I meet you I will be intrigued by you. I will think about you, when your not close. And when you are near, my eyes will never leave yours. I know that when your skin accidentally grazes mine, that the feeling will be electric. For the moments we spend together I will transform into a hopeless romantic.


The first time you kiss me will be something I hold onto long after we share our last kiss. I will not follow you, but rather walk beside you. I will share my dreams with you, but they will still be my own. When you speak I will listen. I will respect you. I will also challenge you. I will fall in love with who you are, and what you represent. I will appreciate you.

I can only hope that you will do the same.

And one day ….things will change. As they do. Our paths will begin to fork. And instead of grasping for you, and holding tightly to what we will have shared together. I will  freely float away from you. I will push you to carry on your own dreams. Because I know that we do not have much time here in this space. And I do not want to keep you from writing your own story. I will respect your dreams so much, that my heart will hurt knowing that you aren’t pursuing them.

Once your gone I will continue to think about you. I will think about the first time I saw your smile. I will remember how it affected me. I will rememeber your stories, and how you listened to mine. I will remember what it was like to be the person you told your secrets to. I will remember our first kiss.  I will remember how much fun we had together. I will remember our adventures, and I will remember the way you looked when you slept. I will remember the way you looked at me, and the way you always kissed my back before we slept.

All of those things will stay with me. And yet…I will never regret letting you go. I will never regret having spent time with you. For just a moment, in this infinite space…. we became a great love story. And as I grow older, and go on with my life. Your face will periodically fall into the forefront of my mind. And I will smile, because had we both tried to cage what we could not, we would have lost it forever. But now it is eternal. And preserved for many lives to come. I will thank you for setting me free. In another world I will get a chance to meet you again for the first time. And although it will be new again for both of us….I find it hard to believe I’d ever be able to forget your smile.

Until We  Meet Again,

Just A Girl


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