A Breath of Fresh Air.


Lately I have been unable to sleep. And when I am awake I feel drowsy. I have been feeling overwhelmed with love, and clarity, and light lately. For everything, and everyone around me. The feeling is exhausting yet comforting. Usually the only way I can get rest, is to write about it. But my pen hasn’t been working well the past couple of months. My words dissolve so quickly that by the time I try to write I have lost sight of them. But then tonight, I felt so much love for so many parts of my life….and words began to erupt in my mind.  I have never felt so relieved to write……. and I thought …….what is it that moves me lately?  And what moves me lately….are moments.

There are unique patterns of moments in our lives, that change our mental perceptions of the world around us. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, and sometimes just because we need a neutral readjustment. How we handle these moments define us as characters. I am not sure which moments built me into who I am now, or which moments will build a future version of myself that I have yet to meet. But I do know a small amount of moments that stay in the forefront of my mind.

Moments from a childs’ eyes, moments from a broken lover’s eyes, moments from a lost soul, moments from succession, moments from a travellers edge, moments from a curious dreamers mind,  and moments from complete euphoria.

Those moments have built my story, those moments although gone….never truly are. They are wound into our chemical make up. They pull us up when we are down, and they humble us when we are too high. Those moments are significant in ways we can not even imagine.

We find their ironic presence in our daily lives to be trivial, when in fact they appear at times as small reminders….floating somewhere in our cerebral make up. And they do not surface until they are needed. We have the power to use them at our leisure. They are like tiny fragments and bits of our failures, our successions, and our unfinished stories. They are small remnants of our love stories, and our heart breaks.

Their debris float freely in the murky waters of our minds, as life rafts for the present and aid us in future risks and rewards. Floating to and from, connecting the inner channels of our minds to one another, so that we may find ourselves less lost than before. We can choose to take hold of them and float far from disarray, towards clarity. Or we can avoid our own knowledge of their existence in our minds…..and try to do everything on our own.

Our lives are all about free will. They are about perception.

I do not see the world as you do, and you will never see the world I am from. I can share stories with you from my world, and you can share stories from yours. But what I perceive yours to be will still differ from your very own, even if you decorate it in your best adjectives, and speak in your best storytelling voice. We can spend our lives  trying to depict one another’s rationality and logic, or we can appreciate the unknown.

We are not meant to think alike, we are not meant to perceive alike, and we are not meant to view the world as one.  We were given imagination, and creativity to differ ourselves from one another.

And as soon as we learn to love that about the world, and less to hate it. We will understand that we do not really understand anything at all. And we will laugh at the world, and love it…..for it is one beautifully ironic love story.

We are all lovers with millions of our own dreams, who have inherited just one set of stars to  dream beneath together. We must share some things, but we cannot share it all.

Be yourself. Be true to your perception. Own your own reality. Because what you truly perceive is what you will receive in this life.

You are the creator of your own world, make your life one worth your wildest dreams.



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