I’d like to think if we saw it. We would know it.
It would seem so familiar to us.
That in the face of it, our souls would stand still.
I think that if it approached us.
We would bow down to its power.
Ego would slip away.
And the part of us, undefined.
Would introduce itself to us, entirely.

I do not think we’d have any other choice.
I have an idea of what it could be.
Although it’s not at all tangible.
I have written about it.
Although it’s not visible.
I have felt it.
I watch it evolve.

While so many create songs, and art in remembrance of it.

The world revolves around the notion of its non fictitious possibility.
But I think what we all need is.
To be patient.
To be content.
To be alive, and mobile.
To wait.

Maybe we will never stand before it.
Maybe we will falsely find it, in cracks along the way.
Maybe it was a myth we learned in a fable long ago.
But to know of it’s possibility…..
Is enough to be humbled by it.
Even in it’s absence.


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