Words Fall Under Snow Fall.

Sometimes words mean nothing.

In moments of silence, between the fall.
We watch them fall to the ground after searching through light to find the perfect place to settle.

And we stand there in complete awe.
Of a system we have no control over.
And we notice the small things.
And the larger things that consume them.
And in a moment of weakness.
We shed something from ourselves.
We let go of the light things.
And we hold strong to the larger picture.
And we love the moment.
For what it is.
A small moment in time.
Where everything slows.
Just for us.
The entire world has put a pause in its cycle.
Just to show us the beauty of one small creation.
And the power of its intrinsic tangibility.

I stood there today.
And watched.
And listened.
And realized before that unique moment.
I was lost in a sea buried deep within me.

But in that moment.
I felt nothing but peace.

Everything slowed.
Everything felt so personal.
And a part of me just let go.
Completely let go.

I just fell to the ground with the rest of them.
And found my place there under the light.
And everything just kind of melted together.

And it was beautiful.


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