The Universe & Your Favor.

Once you truly surrender to your passions, and follow your own personal truth, things begin to develop.

Organically opportunities begin to present themselves to you. The universe works in your favor, as it always has.

But for some reason there is clarity now. And you see things so much better. The world becomes transparent, and you begin to see the inner workings of all things that inhabit your environment.

The right people walk into your life, and the right people walk out of your life. The right opportunities open to you. And the not so right opportunities fade away painlessly.

You find ease in your relationships, pleasure in your “work”, and love in everything that you do. Life becomes a bit more easy, and you smile much more.

Your happy for no reason, except that there is reason for happiness in all moments.

You put out as much love, and wellness as you receive.

You are grateful for all the small things, you are grateful for all the large things.

You pay forward what you receive….and find as much pleasure in giving everything away, as you once found in collecting all the beautiful things.

You realize how subjective time can be. And that because you have so much to love, you feel there is never enough time to truly devote all of you to all of the faucets you crave, and admire so much.

Months pass by in minutes, and you cherish each and every one of them. You think about death more than anyone you know, because you are so in love with life that you are not ready to meet the end.

But you accept what you cannot control, and you dive head first into every passionate opportunity that comes before you.

Because if today were your last day… would know you truly loved every single moment of it, and every single person that was part of it.

Weather it’s people, places, experiences, moments or memories. You feel everything.

And most importantly you feel alive. Every moment you breath. You feel alive.


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