The Girl.


Look, I never told her that day that she should feel that way.

She just did.

I never understood that about her.

She had all the luster in the world.

But you could always find her polishing it away.

She didn’t like the way the glare blinded the exterior world.

She saw her legacy, as an affliction.

And so it became one. She turned it into something….different.

Much different than I intended, I swear.

But she grew very tired, from constantly cleaning and toying about.

So on any given day, you could find her sitting on her grandmother’s porch.

Next to the rocking chair, staring.

Not sure at what.

Or why she never sat in the rocking chair.

Maybe it was because she felt the bright lights

Had taken her Ella from her.

Bright lights had always scared her.

She didn’t realize that the light was within her, and not above her.

I guess I could have told her that before, but it wasn’t my place.

 She would never be able to truly hide from it.

But she sure tried.

She hid from it on, Ella’s porch.

And she thought alot.

I could see it in her face.

I am not sure what words or thoughts they were, but I believe they haunted her.

She would rather hide.

Than face the truth.

Maybe that’s what we all do.

We are all a little bit afraid of the light.

It is a bit easier to sit in the shade of a comfortable refuge.

Than face the light that burns within.

I wonder if she will ever face it.

I hope that she does.

She is beautiful when the sun shines.

And when she is around, it always does.



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