(Listen to this song while you read, it inspired me as I wrote)

I thought of the word Soul Mate today. I was walking through the isles of a store trying to decide on which kind of chocolate I wanted to consume, and I heard a girl talking to her friend on the phone. She seemed excited about someone that she had met today, and told her friend…..she was sure that this person was her soul mate.

I thought about how often the word is used in trivial moments. I thought about how often it is used in timeless moments. I thought about how often it was used in non sensical or unseemly moments. And  then I thought to myself what the word truly meant.  I thought about what the word truly meant … me? I thought about how the word effected me when it was used. And I started to think about what other’s thoughts were on the word.

Of course I understand the meaning, generally, casually, universally.  A soul mate is a person that completes us in a sense. A person that see’s the beauty in us that other’s do not. The person that can stare softly into our eyes, but harden and create a grasp in us of the world around us. They tend to make our lives a bit easier, because once we find them we feel like we aren’t so alone in such a vast space. I guess we see them as the true seers of our souls. The people that see the light within us, that we ourselves are dim to. They are the people that bring us to shine more fully. They bring out the us….in us.

But in reality. We are all soul mates.

Why isn’t that taught more? Why didn’t anyone tell me that as a child? Why didn’t my school teachers help me to come to that conclusion much earlier on?

As I stood there in the isle, I just kind of grew still. My eyes started to wander around the store. I started to see people interacting. And even more so I noticed the lack of interaction. I thought to myself. “Why do people look down at their feet, when a stranger comes within eyesight.”

“Why don’t people look into each other’s eyes more. Why do they fear casual connections with strangers? Or striking up conversations in isles, or lines?” I thought to myself. “All of these people are … They are exactly me. They are made up of the same thing that I myself am. My DNA patterns may have caused slight aesthetic difference in my physical make up. But truly……we are all the same. We are living our lives out day by day, alongside one another. We are breathing the same air, we are feeling the same emotions, we are falling in and out of love as we move through time and space, and we are all grasping for direction our one tiny life.”

Everything that we see in the eyes of our lovers, should be everything that we see in each and every person we meet. We should notice the softness of their smiles, the beauty in the freckles of their eyes, the way they laugh at things that humor them, the way they treat the people in their lives that they love, and the way they treat complete strangers. We should treat every single person we meet, with the same loving gratitude and appreciation that we do for the most beautiful lovers of our lives.

No person in this world, is any less important than another. Life is life. Breath is breath. That is the most beautiful part of humanity. The universality of it.

I stood there in the store today. In awe. As if I had just discovered gold. My eyes grew heavy, but my heart felt light. And I thought to myself how beautiful the world could truly be, if we just opened our eyes, and our hearts a bit more.

What would a world be like, if we treated each and every person we met….. as if they were our one true soul mate?

What if we listened to them fully and intently. If we trusted them with our deepest secrets. If we showed them appreciation for the beauty of their existence. If we hid nothing from them. If we feared less, and loved more. If we let down are guards, and put down our phones. If we stared into each other’s eyes more. If we truly cared to understand their stories, instead of repeating our own.

How different would our world be?

I left the store with nothing. I felt completely fulfilled and consumed. There was no need for chocolate in that moment. Which is a rarity if I must say.



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