She walked.

She wore a smile when she walked alone.

She didn’t mind the company.

She just thought maybe the company would mind her.

She drank what they drank, and ate what they ate.

But what fulfilled their appetites, didn’t fulfill hers.

She never understood why.

She just knew that she could never tell them that she had trouble digesting their world.

She would never be the same as them.

I think a part of her wished she could.

A part of her wanted to fit into the square.

Everything about that world was geometric, but her edges were smooth.

So instead she walked.

She walked during the day, and during the night, and she walked in and out of conversations that she was never meant to have with people that never understood her.

She found herself walking around the circle that she couldn’t fit into.

She never found the entrance door.

From the outside looking in, into her eyes and into her soul. She was a light that many sought refuge in.

But within her was a darkness that no one could understand besides the secret keeper.

And he wasn’t going to tell anyone.

So she led a beautiful life surrounded by light.

And eventually she herself became light.

Whatever darkness was within her…..ironically poured forth through her pores.

And bathed the world in a vibrance so overwhelming

that she herself could never understand it.



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