500 Words a Day for 30 days…..Day 1



I was laying beneath a tree today when a bevy of snowflakes attached to my face. My eye lids became lined with the color white, and the sides of my eyes began to leak as the cold strolled inwards. It wasn’t just a cool color, but a coolness that swept through my body and up my spine. Chills began to form on my skin, and my muscles began to contract. I began to see beauty in the wildest of whites, even in shades of the cold that seeped in.

My body had a reaction to the color. It was one of comfort, of stillness, of quiet, of new beginnings.

I was surprised by my reaction to it. I had never really thought about it before. Is white really a color, or a feeling, or is it just a clean slate?  Each shade of it more clean, and new than the last. It’s strange the amount of power we can give to a color. Each of us have our own relationships with the colors of the world. But here where I live, where I lay……white is the only color we know for many months of the year. Our skies may turn grey, and the sun may shine vibrant orange as it wakes, and falls back asleep each morning and night. But everything around us……turns at some point to a beautiful shade of white. And then we are asked by it for acknowledgement.

And not much unlike us, that is an easy request is it not? For even the simplest of minds, and the simplest of creatures appreciate acknowledgement from the world around them. Isn’t that all we truly seek?

So as I lay there with frosty eyelashes, and wet cheeks ….I began to smile a very beautiful shade of white. And I looked into the scape around me, and I said thank you. For there is beauty to the lack of pigment in the color white. A color so simple, yet so vast. I lay there in a world so completely fulfilled, and consumed by the color, that no other color could exist outside of it. The branches, the sky, the ground, and even myself….each of us taken over by a color so pure, so simple and so unassuming that we willingly gave up our own temper with no resistance to it, and no knowledge of what was truly happening.

There aren’t many experiences in this life that have that gentle power over us. And I began to appreciate that I could still feel this way. That I could willingly lose control or give it away with trust. That I could let go of resistance, and give into something almost foreign.

Today I left the fire behind in exchange for cold breath, and icy skies. There was clarity there. A warmth to the gentle white stillness. It was more beautiful than my words could ever truly describe. I challenge you to find a color that makes you feel this way. And when you do, give in and let go.



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