Un-Extraordinary Days. Day 5/30.


Some days are less extraordinary than others. Today the snow came. Not a lot. Not the amount we have been waiting for, but it arrived in the least. I finished my morning shift and I fully meant to suit up, grab my board and go out for a ride. But I laid down.

You know that feeling you get when your comfortable …skin to skin, in stillness. Watching nothing in particular, just being. It is peaceful there. Laying in silence. It is necessary at times.

My life moves by too quickly sometimes. Just yesterday ten years passed. It is days like these, and moments intertwined that you realize you have the true ability to slow the minutes. You may not have the ability to stop it, but you can recognize the need to stop and breath. And with that everything begins to come to a stutter.

So here I am, well rested and lovely. And it’s still snowing. I will go out tomorrow. The trees are calling my name, and I must answer. But not today, today is naked Tuesday.

And we do not play on naked Tuesday. Well at least not in the snow anyhow.

Find those days to do nothing. Sometimes you learn more on those days about life, than you do on the days where you seem to do it all.


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