It’s Our Birthday Everyday. Day 7/30


I know I have only known you for a small amount of time.

But I wish at times you could see yourself as the rest.

As the rest that observe you, and appreciate you.

That appreciate your genuity, and soft kindness.

I notice you picking yourself apart at times.

Picking apart your decisions.

Picking apart characteristics that you may attribute as flaws.

But the rest of us, notice with a smile, these attributes as unique to you.

We all do that, don’t we.

It’s in our nature to pass self judgment, when the rest have no judgement to pass.

I feel I have met you many times in our lives.

You are so familiar to me, that I feel at times you have visited me in my own mirror.

I see your inherent beauty, but I am not sure you notice it.

And if you do, I am not sure you know what to make of it.

I understand, I am you….too.

And at times, I need someone to remind me as well.

You are more lovely than you will ever know.

It makes me sad to think that you make never know that.

You may never know the happiness you bring to the people around you.

You must continue to remind yourself to bask in the light.

You are a strong reflection of warrior.

And although reborn many times by now,

I can still see the magic in your eyes.

It is as if you are seeing, and experiencing things for the first time.

Keep that spark, it is one of the most beautiful things about you.

Do not lose your natural love of this world.

No matter how many times you must wage wars within it.

It is light seekers like yourself that create vibrance that the rest of the world must bathe in.

In that way, you give people the ability to begin again.

Your energy cannot be wasted on the small inconsistencies of your own self judgement.

Instead use it to create change, to create space, to create self progression.

And in that self growth, you will watch the world around you expand and grow conscious.

Just as one seed, flowers another.

You are here for a reason dear one.

Do not kid yourself otherwise.

You are alive.

You are a living embodiment of love and creation.

You are here to reflect on a world so deeply in need of inspiration.

I see you dance lightly.

I see you sing quietly.

And it is lovely.

But show your teeth.

Take hold of the power gifted to you by the ones that came before you.

You are part of an expansive family, much larger than you can fathom.

But let me tell you, we are all here, and we are all watching over you.

We are inspired by you, and a reflection of you.

Your beauty, and softness transform our own light, love, and kindness.

So embrace it all, so that we may as well in the beautiful shadow of your disposition.

Eat as many cookies, and cake as you want.

Fall down mountains with ease, and grace as you learn new wanders of the world.

Stand back up with no affliction for challenge.

You are strong.

Fumble your way through new languages.

And laugh with mistakes made.

Show acknowledgement.

And breath.

Never forget to breath.

With this, create space.

We are all here for you.

We all love you.

And there is nothing about you that was not specifically created or reflected within you,

that was not first a reflection or creation of the highest gods, and goddesses that

possessed your same lightness so many times throughout these lives that you share with us.

You are a warrior my love.

Never forget that.


Dedicated to a specific goddess on her own beautiful journey.

-Angelica Barrera




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