Funny Me. Day 9/30.


This post is about me, and it’s my blog so I do what I want. I do so because 9 days into this challenge, and I am tired. It’s late, it’s snowing, and I just got finished watching a Japanese drummer, beat the shit out of a drum. And of course I danced, because that is what I do when I hear a beat. The rest of the restaurant crowd was motionless. I never could understand that. How do you hear music, and feel it, but not be moved by it. Anyhow it was lovely, then my Scottish co-worker Paul got up, and killed it after the set was done. I was baffled. I had no idea he had any other skills besides producing beats on his laptop, and changing kegs. I kid, I kid. He’s cool, for a Scot.

 Anyhow back to me. I doubt anyone really reads these things, and sometimes I need a reminder for myself of how strange I truly am. So I figured tonight was the night. Tonight I let out some strange, weird, and embarrassing secrets about myself….because really I have nothing better to talk about. And maybe one day when I look back on this post I will laugh about the silliness of my youth.

#1. The other day I used my thong (underwear, not flip flops you Aussies), to tie my hair into a bun in the Japanese Onsen (community hot bath), because I forgot my hair ties in my room (small linen closet) and couldn’t be bothered to go back upstairs. Not going to lie, American underwear is pretty much just a rubber band anyhow so it worked perfectly. Note taken, rubber bands not necessary in cases such as these if you were tiny g-strings anyhow.

#2. I didn’t kiss a boy until I was a freshmen in college. Yep. Late bloomer. Believe me it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It was because I couldn’t trick any onlookers into it. I even tried licking a friend’s cheek once, thinking he was going to kiss me…….ultimate fail.

#3.  I once won a elementary school spelling bee for spelling the word Vacuum correctly, and just now when I typed it into this blog autocorrect had to correct it for me because I fucked it up. Yep guess old age, and digression are already sinking in.

#4. I had no idea Philadelphia was in Pennsylvania until two years ago. I was there for a wedding, and actually thought I was in Philadelphia, Philadelphia. I thought all the license plates that had PA on them made sense because come on….PhiladelphiA.

#5. I actually went to the cafe in Scotland, that J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter’s series in.

#6. Today I was doing yoga, looking out over the snowbank in the backyard as I moved through the flow. Up the hill there’s a road….and as the snow has built up you can’t see the road anymore. I forgot this for a brief moment, and all of a sudden I saw what must have been a bicycle connected to the top of a car rolling down the street at high speed. But of course I couldn’t see the car, and all I could see was the bike flying down the street with no one on it. I immediately freaked out, and then realized I was a moron. (Note: Things like this happen to me all the time….and I am brunette).

#7. I didn’t know Egypt was in Africa until last year. Yep. Another geography fail.

#8. I have been journaling since I was in elementary school, but I actually used to edit my middle school journals just in case I became famous one day. I wanted to make sure I made myself sound really cool, and profound. Those journals are hilarious now. What a quack I was.

#9. I used to sing in a Christian Rock Band.

#10. I only started going to church as a child, because they served donuts after the service.

#11. When I went to college I was still a bit of a nerd, but I quickly joined the Dance Arts Society, and started doing hip hop choreography. My friends and I wore stage make up, danced everywhere, and loved Trucker hats. I lived my life like out of a scene of Step Up. And actually hoped one day I would because a famous dancer. (I still daydream of this).

#12. I was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas when I was a little girl. I actually used to pretend he was my pillow, and I’d practice kissing him. (I did this until my first kiss in college.) Just kidding. Maybe.

#13. I also had a George Strait poster that I would kiss every night. I had to get rid of it after a couple of years because the hooker red lipstick I would use to kiss him was beginning to make the poster look like shit. And I also I began to hate country music.

Ok well that is it for now. I am going to sleep. It’s snowing, and I plan on snowboarding tomorrow. Maybe if I have writer’s block again tomorrow I’ll just continue my little Echo Roast.

Night Night.


4 thoughts on “Funny Me. Day 9/30.

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  2. You’re a wonderful collection of atoms and energy, and I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of your journey; past present & future!

  3. You are an amazing collection of subatomic particles and energy. I consider myself fortunate to have been part of your past, hopeful to be part of your present, and excited to be part of your future.

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