Only Time Will Tell. Day 13/30

We can never truly be told why time acts the way it does with our lives, and why it treats our minds and bodies the way it does as it moves further along.  It is such a vital part of our birth, our development, our progression, our digression, and our final moments.
Time is one of those funny things about life. We all know what it is, we all talk about it, we all read about it. But none of us know what it truly is, what it looks like, or how it operates. For the very different decades of our lives, time represents something different in each of them.
When we are just children time remains trivial. We aren’t bothered by it. We rarely think of it, and to us it is something that only our parents, and their friends think about. We play, and live day to day. We remain naive to the frailty of life around us, and we simply enjoy our moments. We rarely experience death at this point, and know little to nothing about it. It seems at this point to be something from a nightmare, and most of us aren’t ready to face those horrors. The few of us that are touched by it, it becomes a terrible part our childhood and sours our internal happiness more so than later in life. We are deeply affected at this point in our lives by such realities of life.
As we grow up a bit, and become young adults we realize that time is beautiful, and rare. We are still young, but many of us have seen death by this point. We watch loved ones, and possible friends reach their time or peril around us. We are deeply effected by it, and we begin to realize that life has a timeline. Many of us still believe we have plenty of time at this point, we feel strong, and free and invincible. We live very selfish lives, in the way that we aren’t much affected by the external world around us… we are deeply set on our way to find our true path. Everything else seems so small at this time. We are finding out who we are, and what we are made of. When we do see death, it frightens us because we think that maybe just maybe there’s a possibility that something like that could happen to us. We begin to realize our own disposition in this life.
As we gain more years, and enter true adulthood and onto middle age, I can only assume that life has scarred us by now. Not in a sad or dark way, but in a way that we can no longer be naive about such things. We are aware now of our own expirations. We have seen our parents die, friends, older family members… and other people of our communities. We know that we haven’t much time. We realize now that half or more so of our lives have passed us by. We enter a state of fear for the known truth, and make plans. Lots of them. We can no longer carry a childlike assumption about life being everlasting. We do all that we can to prolong it. We change diets to find health. We find more mobility to gain strength, and flexibility. We worry about the future of our loved ones. We prepare for the end. And we try to keep ourselves from precarious situations.
But time is as it is, no matter what decade we are visiting. Will always stay the same. It does not ramp up, or slow down. It does not escape some, while  haunting others. It is what it is always, and forever.  So be aware of it, appreciate it and do not fear it. It isn’t out to get you, but it does want you to know you will not have it forever. No one will.  Art-White-Hours-Wallpaper-HD-197

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