Hats. Day 16/30

Blah blah blah blah blah.
It’s one of those days.
Life is great right? Life is good. Life is beautiful, opportunistic, wild, random and brilliant. Right?
So what’s there to bitch about?
Why is that?
Why do we complain so much?
Why do I complain?
It’s not the most appealing part of our culture. But as westernized nations, our people tend to be very idealistic. Sometimes selfish, sometimes impatient, sometimes impractical, sometimes hard-headed, and always right.
It’s frustrating correct? We all walk around thinking we are making the best decisions, we are all being the most efficient at our jobs, we are all trying our best, we are all putting a good face on in the morning to project outwardly what it is that we see of ourselves inwardly, right?
Then some schmuck comes along, and knocks us down. Our bosses, our loved ones, our partners, our close friends. Someone else always thinks they are right, always thinks they are the most efficient, always thinks they can do better. And how fu*%ing annoying do we find that. Really annoying. The worst. Those people are the worst.
But the truth is…. we are all those people at some point. We don’t always get to wear one hat. We wear several each, and every day. Sometimes we are the victim, sometimes we are the asshole, sometimes we are the logical, sometimes we are the manic. But no matter what, no matter which hat we wear at any given moment, we somehow feel that we have the right to be whatever it is that we are being in that moment. And many of us reading this will tend to think….well I am on the upside of those comments, surely I am not the asshole. But the truth is someone out there sometimes may think you are. But so what. No one is perfect all the time.
And this isn’t to deny my own wearing of hats. I have lots. I mess up a lot. Even when I am trying really hard. I piss people off. I make irrational decisions. And sometimes I feel like my mistakes shine much more than my achievements. And that is irritating. It’s like being caught with your hand in the cookie jar by your parent, even though you just ate 15 carrots.
Shit. They caught me again.
But I am also damn good at what I do, I work hard to maintain my relationships, I try to put my best foot forward, and I try to make good judgments.
But I am not always in the right. And neither are you. Neither is anyone. And the thing is no matter how many times we all screw up, it doesn’t mean that we are a screw up. It simply means we are human. And for any other human to make you feel like they are better than you, well then they obviously cannot see their own hats.
And really at the end of the day, we are all just trying. We are all just working, and living, and eating, and sleeping and repeating these cycles hoping that from one cycle to the next we find improvement, and efficiency.
Today’s cycle feels busted. Something is off today. But whose to say that tomorrow I won’t be on top of the world.
Here’s to being imperfect, and being human lots and lots of times. And to being pretty freaking awesome, and amazing all the other times.
Don’t let the ass-hat’s get you down. And try not be an ass-hat yourself. It will make the world a much happier and healthier place.

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