Time Is Not Endless. Day 20/30

You only get a certain amount of firsts. Life is not endless, and you do not have all the time in the world. That is the largest, and most common misconception of our lives. We all think we have an abundance of time for open opportunities, and experiences. We do not. Time is fleeting. Poets, and philosophers tell us this through literature constantly, and we lives in their quotations, but does it register?
The lucky of us get the gift of our first breath. We then get our first word, our first memory, our first friend, our first kiss, our first love, our first heart break, our first dream, our first, goal, our first experience with personal death. The list is endless.
These moments sit with us.
They leave marks on our bodies, minds, and hearts. Like scars of better, and worse times…. they remind us of our nature. The fragile state of our lives. We are not invincible , we are not timeless , and we only shine brightly for some time. This small amount of time we are given is not a tragedy, it is a gift. I believe we are given this small window of time, so that we find a deep appreciation for it. A love for our own smallness. A respect for our expirations. A deep emotional connection to the lives we are able to create, in the small amount of time we are given.
So if this is the case, and it is…..why waste any moment, even the smallest of them? Why spend any moment without luster? Why not shine as bright as you can in as many moments as you can, before your lights dulls.
Many of us sit in jobs we do not love, jobs that have glass ceilings for our dreams, jobs run by other people, jobs that only help us achieve financial success, but very little else. We stay in loveless relationships with broken connections, and painful disappointment. And even if we are in relationships that aren’t broken, are they building anything? Why spend our time falling into empty kisses, embracing through broken arms, or sleeping next to lovers that have become strangers? We have a way of retreating into familiar facets, we have a way of giving away our passions for comfort. Many of us still have the same friends that we have had our entire lives, some are family, and make us stronger. But what about the ones that do not serve us. The friendships that are selfish, the friendships that are unhealthy, one sided, and empty. The friendships filled with empty conversations, and full beer glasses. We stay on paths that do not necessarily lead us to the homes that we want, but the homes that we know.
We give away our power. We give away the small faction of moments that we possess. We give away the love that lives within us, for something that is not the love we want to embrace us. And at some point, close to the end, we realize the truth. Or for the lucky of us, we realize it early on in our lives. We take our power back. We find our light. We live as loud as we can. And we share that realization with one another. And if we are lucky, others will listen. We can create a shift. We can live more consciously.
Now is the time to step outside the perception you have created of yourself. And ask yourself what is that you want more than anything in the world. Do you live passionately, do you work passionately, do you kiss and embrace passionately, do you love passionately? Does your life give you more pleasure than pain? Do you wake up excited to live the life that you live?
If not? How do you change that?

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