Finding Space. Day 24/30.


I watch quietly as I remind myself.

“Deep breath in.”

“Deep breath out.”

Looking into the mirror I notice my chest moving up, and down at a quickened pace.

“Deep breath in.”

“Deep breath out.”

I sit there for a couple of cycles noticing the space created in my body by the conscious effort of breath.

My heart rate begins to slow, and my mind slowly begins to declutter.

An wave of ease rolls over me.

My body begins to cool, and my eyes begin to clear.

I notice my throat has softened, and I can clearly swallow my words again.

“Why am I so anxious lately? What’s going on.”

I think to myself a lot, I talk to myself as well.

I feel like I am my own therapist.

Although I feel I am failing the part.

It makes sense though, for I have no classical training.

“Life is good, I am healthy, I am pursuing my dreams.”

“So what’s the problem?”


I need space.

We all need it.

I am constantly in motion.

I am constantly in transit.

I move from one continent to the next, from one community to the next, from one odd job to another.

Each country, community, and job with its own set of expectations, rules, and culture.

The transitions are exhausting. I am five people in one, from five different places, with five different families.

Trying to keep up with this can be overwhelming.

I just need to breath.

“Deep breath in, deep breath out.”

I keep reminding myself.

I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves, our loved ones, and our co-workers is to take space.

To breathe.

To be alone.

To step away.

To go within.

To let go.

But it’s difficult, right?

Our daily lives are demanding.

We have plans.

We have roles.

We have ambitions, and goals.

And none of these have room for space.




There  is always time to take space.

Even if it means that in the middle of a busy street, you close your eyes, and count to 50… it.

Even if it means in the middle of a busy kitchen with noises everywhere, and the top 40 playing loud in your ears, you walk away for five minutes to find silence… it.

Even if it means in the middle of a heated discussion with a loved one… close your eyes, and take 5 deep breaths in, and 5 deep breaths out… it.

There is always time.

And believe me we all need, want, and deserve it.

Take the time to create space for yourself.

“Deep breath in.”

“Deep breath out.”

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Find your eyes.

Fix on them.

Breathe in deeply.

Close your eyes, and push all breath within….outside of yourself.

Push out the bad, breathe in the good.

Repeat until the wave of ease revisits, then open your eyes, and live.

Repeat as many times throughout the day, that is necessary.


Self care…… should be the most important part of each of our days.


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