The Days of Nothings. Day 26/30.

Sometimes you have a day that seems muted.
There is a sorted silence within it.
It is a calming silence.
Not many words are spoken, and those that are…..are irrelevant and seemingly distant.
You sleep a lot.
Your eyes flutter.
You dream many dreams.
The snow falls.
And with the sight of it, you find your breath.
Not much happens for you to archive.
Everything has a bit of lucid insignificance.
But there is peace.
And that is enough.
You do not run.
You do not lift.
You do not cry.
You do not fall.
You do not ride.
You do not move too quickly.
And the world seems a bit listless.
People’s words intangibly move through you, as they sweep onto the next listener.
And emotions that would have effected you on other days, seem to dull away.
Nothing sticks.
You are moving effortlessly through a water like experience/
And such as it is beneath the surface.
Sounds become distorted.
Voice seems muzzled and there is a depth to the clarity here.
You, and your breath.
You, and your pace.
You move swiftly yet slowly through the crystal blue waves of the water like world that engulfs you.
You are in a place of stillness, and peace.
Today was that day.
Today was that day that I waded beneath the surface.
That words did not stick.
That emotions did not stick.
That thoughts did not stay.
I laid in bed without a stitch of yarn to conceal me.
Naked to my own world.
Naked in my own space.
Naked for the sake of being without distraction.
And I enjoyed the state of being.
And that was enough.
That was more than enough.
These days are healing.
And necessary.
The days of nothings, are everything.




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