When communication becomes noise. Day 27.30.


I sat there tonight behind the bar, listening to the words that poured forth.

Every which way was chatter.

I listened to my guests express all different types of moods, and emotions about their day.

All having conversation about the events of the day, conversations about life, conversations about one another.

And it got me to thinking.

People are always talking, making sound of their thoughts.

Audible expressions of emotions, grief, and desires.

And people like me become a fixture of this experience.

Tending to the bar, or counter or front desk.

We watch people pour over one another to express themselves.

We watch people’s body language as they say more with their movements, than with their words.

I noticed that most people were just inaudibly saying to one another, “Listen to me, Listen to me.”

While other’s were saying, “No, Listen to me…I have something more important to say.”

And I sat there watching, with a smile.

The irony is so vivid, and so obvious to those who stand back.

But not to those in the arena.

We forget a times in the midst of conversational chaos, that we are trying to communicate with one another.

Human communication is so complex across cultures, accents, and vocal vibrations but yet so simple. We all have the ability to communicate in some just way.

But as I stood there listening to the conversations in front of me.

I stood back from it for a moment, and experienced it as sound.

Everything began to blur into this harmonious sound of static.

And then it became noise.

I stopped hearing words.

I stopped experiencing communication.

Instead I was witnessing something much different.

When x plus y plus z plus all the other add ons are put into one space together, and all are constantly trying to communicate a point.

At some point no particle is able to communicate any point.

So I sat there with my thoughts.

And realized quietly to myself, that in times like these everything becomes silent amongst the voices.

Because once you stop differentiating between voice, and sound.

There is only noise.

There are no direct particles that distract you from thought anymore.

So I sat there in my silent bubble surrounded by noise.

And I wrote.

Because with words written, sound can never take those away from us.




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