Hello Moonshine. Day 28.30.

IMG_9124 (1)

Oh hello there moon.

I haven’t seen you since the last cycle.

It seems so long ago.

But not really.

I miss you during the day.

But your brother visits me early most of the time.

During the winter he and I do not really get along much.

And lately he has been present far too many mornings.

I wish you would visit more often.

I feel safe under your light.

Your stars are particularly bright tonight.

They remind me of familiar faces.

I like to make my own shapes of them.

I am sure you do as well.

My mother once told me that everyone that I truly loved would eventually become a star.

And find their place beneath your light.

I used to believe it.

But now I think maybe it was just a tall tale.

Although I hope maybe it’s true.

Because one day I would like to get to know you.

The way all the falling stars that I have wished upon have.

 Tonight I walked through frozen ground to get to you.

But it was ok because I had good company.

I walked past the temple tonight.

But could no longer walk towards the bell to make my wish.

So I sank into the snow to climb closer to you.

In hopes that I could ask you instead.

I can’t write what it was that I wished for because that’s not how it works.

If I say it aloud it won’t come true.

So just know that it’s been spoken from the top of the hill above the village.

And it was spoken softly enough for only you to hear.

But for me to know that my words did have sound.

I hope one day to meet you.

But until then I will find you each night.

Even if I have to climb the highest peaks.

And sleep through your brother’s visits.

I will always find you here.

At the top of the hill.

Perched up in the sky.

Just high enough to be out of reach.

Although if I lift my hand to the sky with my palm facing upwards, and close my eyes just a bit.

It appears that you are sitting right there in the center of it.

Oh how beautiful it is to feel to be so close to you.

But alas, I know that you are far.


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