WORD VOMIT. Day 29.30.

I see people looking for confirmation from their peers.

From the elders.

From their coworkers.

Looking for confirmation through their words.

But they do not always create the most positive, and progressive word flow.

People expel so much energy in their words each day.

But not many carry the weight of them.

I find that although human language makes communication accessible and easy,

It is still not used in the the most efficient and kind way.

Do not use words so that people can understand you.

If you do not wish to listen to the words that will help you understand them.

Do not use your words to persuade people to listen to you.

If you only plan on speaking…..at them.

Do not use words that demand respect.

If you have no plans to submit to the same demands from your community.

Human communication is a two way street.

What you reflect, and project outwards.

Is what you will attract forwards.

I am quite fatigued being distraught over things in which I cannot control.

Distraught with people’s words.

With their actions.

With their body language.

Distraught with my own reaction to them.

It is not my responsibility to make people accountable for their language.

Just as it is no other person’s responsibility for my own accountability.

We have to start taking responsibility for the luck, and reactions that we attract from our words.

We have to take responsibility for our actions, our mistakes, and our progression forward from them.

I am not speaking to anyone specifically, I am speaking to us all.

I am speaking for myself.

I am speaking for you.

And I am taking responsibility for my path towards better understanding of communication.

Not just towards myself, but towards my peers.

I vow to watch my words, to watch my movement, and too watch my projections.

I can’t bite my tongue, but I can watch what rolls off of it.

I can’t say that I won’t speak my mind, but I will dig a bit deeper for what it is that I truly want to reflect.

Here’s to words, upon words, upon thoughts, upon conversations, upon reactions and conversations.

Let’s make them count…..for something.

Whether it’s to make a point, to create a shift in consciousness, or to simply get your thoughts out.

And no it doesn’t always have to be comely language.

Pretty words do not always make the point.

But just make sure that whatever words you share with others.

Are words that you can live with hearing yourself.



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