Day #1. The Grey Haired Man


Day #1. 500 word a day challenge—-10 Days

A day spent sitting


Warm Chai Tea

In a New Town with new faces

This street always makes me smile

This places always make my soul beam

I faced the door to peak onto the sidewalk

I always like to be inside, and out simultaneously

A familiar friend walked through the door

And met my glance with an embrace

We sat looking at one another

And the conversation began

Words suspended above the wooden table

Falling towards familiar ears

Bright eyes, and light inside unfolding onto the table across from me

I was captivated by my friend’s presence

Even as the old man passed by

He stopped and watched, and then took a seat

He didn’t approach as a stranger, and we didn’t treat him as so

He had a warmth to him

His squirrely Grey hairs shot out from all sides of his skull

His red framed glasses highlighted eyes that had witnessed a lifetime of truth, and experience

He smiled in a prophet’s wise, but childlike sense

And he spoke in a German nature

His words floated effortlessly over the treats that adorned the length of the wooden table beneath us

He told us tales of Chinese stars, movies, and art

I watched his mouth open, and close many times as the words fell through

Time began to relax

Red carpets, vegan treats, spice and life paths

I watched closely as my friend reacted to the words from the friendly stranger

I felt the organic relationship between the three perceptions that lingered here

I thought of the lifetimes each of us must have shared with others

Daydreaming of the things we all must have seen

I was curious about what we could truly share with one another

And even more so what we could teach one another

Captivated by the small conversations spoken over sweet smells, and background chatter

I smiled effortlessly at how simple life could be

In that moment so conscious of my surroundings, my breath and my place at the table

I questioned how I ever remained unconscious of this world

How had I missed these interactions for so many years?

How many stories had I not heard?

How many sisters, and brothers had I not met?

How many strangers had I turned away in fear of the unknown?

How many bridges had I not dove from in apprehension of death?

How many lives had I not lived?

As I stared back through those red framed glasses

I told myself that no matter what

I would always watch, I would always listen, and I would always feel

Because this warm chai tea

Was o so sweet

It was sweet, because life was sweet

And life was sweet, because I was present

I was nowhere but here

I was nothing, but everything

The wind smelled like cinnamon

And my new friend, and my old friend

They were family

I looked around, and saw so many words dancing from ear to ear

The chatter was beautiful

The noise was life

These people were my family

I finally understood

All because I looked into eyes framed by Ruby Red plastic


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