Poetry Sessions. Day 1. The In Between.

The Space Between


Your sight only allows you to perceive what is bright, abundant and full of distension.

You are blinded by it so much so, that are you unable to see around it’s golden arcs.

If only your eyes would allow you to see that space between, you could unearth me when I take repose there.

You would then realize, that you are not alone.

I am found in that extension between lightness, and dark.

I take solace in the ambiguity.

I have learned to find peace with unease and unfamiliarity.

I conceal myself from the light when my eyes grow weary, and my skin begins to burn with revelation.

The lightness tries to consume all of me.

But I cannot be separate from the other.

I am unseeingly both.

I cannot steer you into that space between the arcs, because then I would mislay a part of myself, and dishonor your own truth.

Somehow when I am lost there, I am found.

I can tell you that much.

I do not have to pretend to be all of any one thing.

I can be half of a whole.

The space I speak of will not be found on any topographical map.

So I encourage you to try and not decipher this exact arc through reason.

I instead encourage you to allow the words to transfer through the veins of your own human highway.

The location can only be found within.

When you find yourself behind the golden arc that exists only for you, and you become hidden from light.

You will understand why I must rest here.

And I hope that you do try and find that space between.

You will understand why I cannot forever be the exuberant source of light that so many aspire for.

Maybe you will also grow weary of that expectation.

 I so madly need to descend into the blackness that my light allows me to create.

I can take pause here for extraordinary moments, and see beyond the light.

There is such a magnificent, and raw truth beyond the golden rays that shine from this arc.

And I have so much to learn from here.

The light will continue to gift me with warmth and grace when I feel the need to bathe myself in it’s presence…….

but I will only learn, only see, only grow and expand when I allow myself to step outside of grace and into veracity.


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