Poetry Sessions: Day 2 – Empty Cupboard.

Searching for something within nothing,

As wild as it may sound

Is a fortuitous journey in itself.

Many times multiplied by many more

I end up with only an idea in my lap

Looking down at bare palms, as they shine up to a blue sky

I am left with nothing unyielding to take refuge in

Nothing organic enough to sense my sentiment or devotion

I will be left sitting here alone, eyes dropped ….shoulders lowered

Feeling as if I went everywhere, and nowhere at the same time

Then again

Sometimes finding nothing is finding something.

So many times I hold onto fragmented pieces of my mental conquests.

Each piece holding an unnecessary amount of space in the cupboard that is my mental body.

And every following day I do my best,

to purge the relics from the day before.

There I am, repetitiously clearing my cupboard.

Hours upon hours collecting trinkets,

Only so that I can spend hours upon hours casting them into nothingness.

With the hope that one day I will realize that the trinkets were never what I was searching for in the first place.

I was always searching for the empty cupboard.


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