Day. 5. Battle.

1866488-bigthumbnailA writer has an extensive connection with words.

Just as a dreamer has a strong affiliation with imagination, and a speaker has a significant rapport with tone.

The dreamer with a love of spoken word, sometimes has a satirical relationship with it all.

Words ….can get you into trouble.

Dreams…. can get you into trouble.

Speech…. can get you into trouble.

But disregarding your veracity can leave you dejected.

I speak from words of personal experience, and know that many of you can relate.

If you stand in similar shoes to mine then I know that there are people in this world that may find your verbal, and written tactics quiet unpolished, and weighted.

I know there are people that do not harmonize with my lifestyle choices. Quiet simple, and minimalistic as they may be, some see them as egocentric.

When you live a life of authenticity and do only what you want to do, and only what you love to do….people find encouragement and compassion for what you do, or they have aversions and judgment towards you.

Sometimes their aversions to you, mean that they shut your voice down.

Or that they try to.

The main objective you are faced with here, is to not allow external projections of your life fall into your own subjective judgments of yourself.

The grander you dream, the more likely your imagination’s influence will cross indefinite boundaries.

The more stridently you speak, the more likely one of your words will fall into the ears of a foe.

The more intensely and keenly you write, the more likely you will stir sentiment and response within the core of the readers that come across your words.

You cannot discontinue walking, just because you are fearful that there may be an obstruction ahead.

If you did so, you would get nowhere in life, and you would grow quite jaded.

You cannot stop speaking, just because you fear that you will say the wrong thing.

If you did so you would make your way through life with angst of not being heard or respected.

You also cannot stop thinking, dreaming, and creating just because you are petrified that someone will oppose you, or not grasp your vision or opinion.

Opposition is a nourishing part of life, a natural part of interaction, and a tool for progression.

In a society divided, this is the time to be all things loud.

We all need to stand up.

Speak up.

Dream up.




Now is not the time to hide, and hope that you can get out without being discovered.

This is the time to step out from under the rock, stand tall above it, and yell from the roof tops.

Now more than ever we need to not be afraid to debate, because we have already stood on the sidelines, in the shadows for far too long.

We lived there for decades.

We found comfort in the silence.

Now is the time to elevate our voices, and let out a rumble.

Sometimes when the right voices are too fearful to speak, the wrong voices swiftly cloak the words of the genuine and something sordid arises out of the weakness.

Sharp thought and evolution are being lost under a blanket of deception.

An illusion is being created by the wrong words that are breaking the surface. These words are creating a mold that was never sought, but that was also never refused.

We cannot combat wrong doing, with thoughts of battle.

We must actually stand up and go to battle.

Through our words, through our opinions, through the every day choices that we make.

Through the way we treat others, and not just our own.

To the way we treat the world around us.

The largest problem we face is the illusion that we are separate from the rest.

We must quickly revolutionize our ways, and we must quickly speak up.

Because change is here, and whether we participate in it or not… is still going to happen.

So do you want to be part of it, or a direct product of it?

It’s your choice.



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