When the rain falls….stillness settles in.


So it’s raining outside. And I must say that I am not one of those people with a natural aversion to the rain, I feel quite sustained by it.

It is a natural breaking point for me. A place of stillness created, and surrounded by moving particles of water.

The world shifts to a gentle halt as the sky sheds it’s excessive debris.

This morning I put my rain jacket on with the intent to meet the weather head on today with open arms. I got on my bike, and rode through the opaque morning night light to get to the yoga studio.

There is something satisfying about teaching yoga, or practicing when it is raining. The sound lulls my words into a natural rhythm when I teach, and the rain drops chattering amongst one another as they roll down the glass pales of the studio windows give me comfort in my postures as I practice. I begin to focus on the sound of the rain drumming on surfaces near and far, and notice that all sounds begin to resonate within.

I feel like I am hearing more than I could before. I am tuned in somewhere else. I am still within my body, but also without. I am neither here nor there.

I wonder what it is like to fall from the sky only to be lifted back up again.

I wonder aimlessly about the life span of a raindrop. I see my mind winding off into the indefinite, but occasionally I allow it.

These days I discover a distinctive manner of stillness in my body. My mind finds minute movements, but it is in the most harmonious of fashions.

My limbs grow static, but not fatigued. My body settles into visual tranquility, but there is conceptual elevating happening beneath the surface. The hairs on the back of my arms begin to stand up as I breathe in profoundly, and breathe out sincerely. With the circulation of my breath, my body begins to feel liberated.

I feel like a hoarder of all things who’s just offered all material items to the world. I am left unoccupied, and I am at ease in my own body. There is nothing left here to inflict chaos. A movement of solidarity has fused from within.

It is the exceptional nature of grounding that this weather offers me. Mother nature embraces me back into her arms, and I find solace and reconciliation there. I am so grateful for her intrusion into my day that I feel devoted, and empathetic towards her.

I feel I must cease in her company especially as she cries down upon me.

So I do.

When the rain falls, a part of me does as well.

A part falls away.

A tension, a release, a moment.

I am left transfixed by a stillness that can only be the product of personal revelation.

I am sitting and staring out the window with my eyes engrossed on a solitary raindrop rushing down the corridor of streaming water.

I wonder what it is like to fall from the sky only to be lifted back up again.


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