In essence of International Women’s Day

….this is a shout out piece I wrote to all my ladies out there that are defining the world in a beautiful way, and that are doing more than any man I know to push the limits and raise the glass ceilings of the world. Send some love to the ladies of your life. You wouldn’t be here without them.

I do not really need to say what you already know.
But alas I will, since I must.
I do this because you have pushed me there, please know this.
I am at the edge.
And I highly dislike being forced to take up for myself when there is no need to do so.
But you have taken me there time, and time again.
So here we go.
I do not think I need to be labeled by any words that place me in a group of free thinkers as you call them.
I would hope that we are all free thinkers, wouldn’t you?
What label have you designed for yourself?
Is it kinder, truer, more powerful and more freely thinking?
Why is there a need to segregate, and separate?
A need to define the infinite.
A need to give subjective opinions on entire groups of people.
Whether you like it or not we share the same organic make up.
You can be black, grey, white, orange, yellow, liberal, conservative, fascist, egocentric, mysogenistic or a red faced teletubby for all I care.
But what matters is that the recipe for creating the magic that you think you are.
Is the same recipe that was thrown into the mix for me.
So here I am standing beside you, not a part from you…but a part of you.
You can’t take that science away.
You are of me, and from me.
You are from a vessel very similar to one that I possess.
And you could not have gotten here without me, or without it.
So you can hate me, you can label me, you can deny me, you can define me, you can loathe my mind and my words, and you can try to rid the public world of my influence and others like me.
But if we leave the stage, then so do you.
That is the reality of the magic show.
You may be the magic, but we are the magicians.
We are here to stay, but you are not.
Unless you work with us, your presence does not become real without us.
In some shape or another we are your sisters.
And your mothers, daughters, coworkers, neighbors, bosses, trash ladies, speakers of the house, CEO’S, grandmothers, and queens.
You are here because we created you.
Our very nature fabricates your existence.
You are from us, and a part of us whether you defy us or not.
You may call us weak, but it is not weakness that we wear.
It is disappointment for your general lack of appreciation from which where you came.
No matter how far you run, our truth runs in your DNA.
The story of us is etched into the sidewalls of your veins, and without us there is no blood to support your being.
Even if you try to hide us away from the rest, your very biology will reveal our supreme existence to the world.
The only reason you are even here to pledge your dislodge against us, is because we allowed you to be.
Have some respect for the women in your life, you would not even be here without one.


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